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Best way to clear obstacles

Guru Rinpoche said that when practising the Dharma there will be outer, inner and secret obstacles. But, he said, when it comes to dispelling these obstacles, there is no greater method than praying to the lama. The buddhas of the past, present and future have not taught, are not teaching and will not teach a greater method than this… By praying to the lama all obstacles will be dispelled, and when they are dispelled, you will receive the accomplishments.

~ Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche


Difficulties in Dharma Practice

Collated quotes on this topic…

Suffering exhausts future causes for greater suffering; enjoyment only uses up blessings … practice the dharma with great patience and perseverance for all hardship because it purifies past karma. Worldly achievements come with great hardship but little lasting benefit. Dharma brings limitless benefit for relatively little hardship. The greater the difficulty, the greater the purification and merit.

Don’t seek easy dharma practice… all the past masters have had to give up alot and go through immense difficulties to achieve. How can it be any different now in this age of degeneration when merit is even weaker?

Although one experiences hardship during dharma practice, it makes the resulting benefit even sweeter. Although one suffers in dharma practice, but it is suffering with inner joy and satisfaction

If you are a sincere practitioner, every single difficulty in the course of your practice and life is purification. Don’t think that it is not related to dharma practice. Having patience during obstacles is in itself dharma practice and one of the best sign of purification. We should rejoice when there are obstacles!
When facing obstacles, there are only two things to do: 1. Accumulate more merit 2. Relax your gripping attachments to whatever is making you suffer and accept the situation with a relaxed wisdom state of mind
If we can turn around obstacles and make use of them in the path, then there is no situation that does not transform into the Guru’s blessings and the dharma practice. Basically, such a practitioner can only progress forward
If you are comfortable and not practising dharma, then it is right to be fearful of the future when anytime negative karma can catch up and ripen. If you are suffering while practising dharma, then it is right to rejoice in the difficulty and know that only great benefit will await you in the future.
If your own aspirations and motivation are in tune with the teachings and Buddhas/Bodhisattvas, then there is no need to fear obstacles, because even if one has obstacles, one can always trust in the guidance and blessings of the Triple Jewels.