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Garchen Rinpoche on the importance of the Mani mantra

(Comments : As a sign of the decline in positive thinking of all beings, there have been many problems surfacing in this world.  As an individual, we can help in our tiny way by reciting the mani mantra and dedicating it with the force of our love and compassion.  If we do this collectively, then the problems will lessen and our collective merits will increase, thereby providing the auspiciousness for further virtuous solutions and endeavors to arise.  If one believes in Dharma and cause-effect, there is no better way to engage in action than by reciting the mani mantra with a strong wish for the benefit of others.

Why do I say that there is no better way?  Firstly, of course, one can engage in all sorts of social, political, environmental actions, but without engaging in the methods that purify the REAL causes of all problems, ie, the negative thinking of beings, all actions have a very limited effect and even when it has a very strong effect, how pervasive and lasting it can be is very hard to say. Not to mention if one is dogged by all kinds of obstacles in carrying out one’s plans and/or creates all kinds of other negativities while carrying it out.  Without removing the causes, many changes are cosmetic and superficial.

Secondly, in order to have a practical course of action that benefits others, one requires great wisdom, nowadays, we see many acts in the name of helping but which have many harmful side-effects, or which may be misinformed or misguided acts of benevolence.  This is happening so often that a term is coined for it : ‘idiot compassion’.  So we should be circumspect in the ways we want to provide help to others.

Thirdly,  many people are living at a very hectic and even frenetic pace of life. There is no time to provide any kind of help to others even if we may have the heart for it.  Time, energy and ability are factors that are against us.  So we need a method that is easy and simple to do.

Fourthly, there are those who may say that the mani practice is too simple, that we should resort to more colorful, intricate and extensive practices or ceremonies to help this world.  That may be true and i am not denying the efficacy of such practices. But for many of us, what is practicable and suitable to our capacities and level of insight is simple heartfelt prayer.  Sometimes, simple and clear methods give very definite and direct results beyond our imagination.

Here is a very good teaching by Garchen Rinpoche and in my next post, i will include another teaching on the Chenrezig practice.  As a starter, I aspire to recite 100,000 mani mantras for the benefit of all beings within the next few days.  This is my sincere aspiration and offering.  It may be quite insignificant in the face of the kind of problems and obstacles this world is facing but mind has an infinite capacity and as love and positive thinking can transcend all limitations, please do not underestimate any effort.  Please do try to do something yourself and encourage others to do so.  The mantra OM MANI PADME HUNG is so simple yet profound.  It has the potential to clear all obstacles, sicknesses and liberate beings from the sufferings of the samsara.  It is a wish-fulfilling jewel that can accomplish your wishes.  We should not belittle this practice, think of impermanence and do ourselves a deep favor by accumulating this mantra.  )


Garchen Rinpoche teaching on the recitation of OM MANI PADME HUNG:

About the Mani practice: Chenrezig is practiced throughout all the Buddhist lineages. Chenrezig has the nature of compassion. In the Drikung Kagyu lineage, the Chenrezig 100 Million Mantra Retreat is an old tradition that remains unbroken since the time of Lord Jigten Sumgon until the present day. Also, Mani pills are blessed in these retreats, as such retreats have the power to multiply the power of the mani pills. This also is an unbroken lineage. The more Mani mantras we recite, the more love will increase in the minds of sentient beings, the more hatred will decrease. The minds of beings will become peaceful and happy, which will also help one’s country. If the minds of humans become peaceful and happy, then also the minds of spirits will become peaceful and happy. The Mani mantra practice is supreme in order to bring about peace and happiness. Therefore, the Mani Retreat is conducted throughout all the Drikung Kagyu centers in the world. This is the lifeforce of our lineage and we must uphold it.

For example, the Mani wheel at Gar monastery was brought by the Chinese Princess Wenchen as a dowry to the king Songtsen Gampo. It was Gar minister who brought the princess from China to Tibet. Since that time, the wheel spins day and night.

Of all the prayer wheels, the Mani wheel is most important because by this, love and compassion will arise in the minds of all beings, their self-grasping will diminish.

All the Tibetan leaders are also strongly connected to Chenrezig. They are said to be emanations of Chenrezig. The Buddha Shakyamuni himself gave a prophecy to Chenrezig to protect the snowy land of Tibet in the future. Up until the present Holiness the Dalai Lama, all leaders of Tibet have been emanations of Chenrezig.

Chenrezig is the father of all deities and his nature is love and compassion. Whoever possesses great compassion can said to be an emanation of Chenrezig.

To engage in the Mani Retreat every year brings great benefit to the world. It pacifies the outer elements and balances the inner minds of sentient beings. Outer natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floodings and so on, will lessen.