Prayer for the difficult times by Chatral Rinpoche

The Rishi’s Maledictory Incantation

An Invocation of Wisdom Mind and Sacred Pledges for Reversing the Disturbances and Agitations of Dark Times In the Form of an Aspiration Prayer

Namo Guru Ratna Trayāya!

Guide for this fortunate eon, crown ornament of the Śākyas,

Second buddha, Lord Orgyen Tsokye,

Eight Close sons headed by

The supreme and noble Avalokiteśvara, Mañjuśrī, and Vajrapāṇi,

Twenty-one Tārās and the assembly of elders,

Root lineage masters, peaceful and wrathful yidam deities,

Ḍākinīs of the three places, wisdom Dharma protectors,

Guardians of the four directions and the seventy glorious protectors,

Great masters with powers of clairvoyance and miraculous activity,

In your wisdom, please turn your attention toward all beings engaged in conflict.

The shared negative karma of beings in this final dark age

Froths as a huge ocean;

Goodness is neglected whilst the demons of evil

Churns intensely the minds of the powerful and the influential,

Spitting out wars that could reduce this earth to dust.

Hurricanes of weapons hatched from perverse aspirations

Unleashed to turn instantly the entire universe and its inhabitants into ash.

The portents of these bad omens of our approaching total destruction

Appear clearly in the sights, sounds, and thoughts of our world.

Yet the ignorants remain in their webs of delusion and doubt;

Exceedingly stupid, they still do not feel alarmed at all.

Terror from just hearing or thinking

About transformation of our world like never before fills us.

We have no means or hope to reverse this,

Save the undeceiving Three Jewels and Three Roots –

To whom we are crying like small children wailing for parents.

Please hear our desperate prayers,

And remember your earlier commitments.

Extend your hands of compassion as swift as lightening

To hold and shelter those lacking protection and free us from our terror.

When powerful barbarians who plunder the happiness of beings in our world

plot their battles,

Please transform these leaders and their minions

– such ruthless malefactors –

Into proponents of peace, happiness and harmony.

Please extinguish the adverse circumstances of war right on the spot

And expel and destroy these demonic atomic weapons.

Then throughout our great earth

Please spread Dharma teachers, learning, and accomplishment in all directions.

Liberate the world from the claws of nasty gangs of human and non-human

Executioners of the teachings and sentient beings, until not even their names remain.

May vast happiness saturate the whole world,

And beings be elevated through the glory of the four pursuits to the Truly High.

(Notes — four pursuits : duty; wealth; pleasure; and liberation ; truly high : good rebirth as a god or human)

May the times become perfect without the harm of war and strife, as during the Golden Age,

With everyone constantly enraptured in the dance of bliss and joy.

Through the compassion of the ocean of the Three Jewels

And the power of the truth of the dharmadhātu endowed with all supreme aspects,

May the purposes of our pure prayers be fulfilled

And our hopes and aspirations accomplished just the same.


The use of the poison of atomic weapons that have the power to destroy in a single second the presence of the Buddha’s teachings and the lives of sentient beings on this great earth of ours, and every bit of goodness in the universe and its inhabitants, will destroy the human race. The time when these extremely lethal weapons never seen before will be used is not far off—signs and indications are growing each day. So, moved irrepressibly by insupportable sadness and intense fear, we must call out like children wailing for their mothers to the one who can stop this: Orgyen Padma.

Thinking of the tremendous need for and benefit of reciting and writing on silk to hoist on mountain tops and hang from bridges, a prayer such as this, which invokes the most important sacred pledges and wisdom of the ocean of the Three Jewels of refuge, I, the vagabond Buddha Vajra (Sangye Dorje), wrote this with a pure intention on the thirteenth day of the third month in the year of the female water sow. Those with faith in me should keep this in their hearts. May the merit of writing this purge the barbarian hordes who trample the sublime teachings.

Translated by Christina Monson, 2014.

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