Chenrezig Practice of Sangye Won

Gyaltrul Rinpoche:

“When I was a boy, I met my root guru, Tulku Natsog. He wanted me to learn to read and begin my dharma education, so he asked his uncle, Sangye Gön, to be my teacher. Tulku Natsog said, “Don’t beat this boy. He might have trouble learning, but always be patient with him.”

I lived with Sangye Gön. He would get up very, very early, maybe 3:00 a.m., to do his practice, including many prostrations. I could hear the rumble of his recitations as I slept. Then he would wake me up and we would have breakfast, followed by my reading lessons.

He was an amazing practitioner. He continuously kept the two-day nyungne fasting discipline. So on one day, he would eat and speak, and the next day he would fast and remain silent for most of the day. Chenrezig was his main practice, and in his lifetime he recited millions of the MANI mantra. At the end of his life, he suddenly grew new teeth, and his grey hair was replaced by new black hair growing in. That kind of practitioner!”

Gyaltrul Rinpoche’s comments from another teaching:

“Sangye Gon wore patched clothing, and looking at him, you would think that he had no inner realization at all.  But in fact, he encountered Avalokiteshvara directly.  He would speak to him and receive teachings from him as if he were another person in the same room.  He gave many prophecies and constantly recited OM MANI PADME HUM.  As he grew older, his hair turned white and his teeth fell out.  But as he continued to practice, his wrinkles disappeared, a set of teeth grew, and his hair turned black again.  Outwardly, he still looked like nothing special.”