Mini-Monlam of the Mani Mantra

Dear readers,

In conjunction with the coming new year 2016, I would like to invite any and all of you to make an aspiration with me to complete 100,000 Mani mantras within 50 days.

The reason for this is simple. We all need happiness and want to be free from sufferings. In this universe, there is no force stronger than unconditioned love and compassion.  This is a resource we all need to fall back upon again and again in order to face the coming challenges in the new year.

Many of us are very busy individuals, with little time to deal with long, complicated practices. Yet, no matter what kind of person we are, what we badly need is for our wisdom, compassion and merits to increase. Everyone can easily see and hear of the many problems that is surfacing in our world.  Terrorism, aviation accidents, earthquakes, wars, unrest, diseases etc.  These arise because of our collective karma so we need to make an effort collectively to purify the negative emotions of attachment and aversion and to increase and collect the positive energies of love, forgiveness and non-judgement.

The Mani mantra is easy to say, easy to accumulate in our daily life.  Even if you have just 10~20 minutes a day, you can fulfill 100,000 quite easily. Together with dedications for the rest of all beings, just a little effort on each person’s part will go a long way towards increasing the positive energies in this world, in your country, family and friends.

As Garchen Rinpoche says :
“The more Mani mantras we recite, the more love will increase in the minds of sentient beings, the more hatred will decrease. The minds of beings will become peaceful and happy, which will also help one’s country. If the minds of humans become peaceful and happy, then also the minds of spirits will become peaceful and happy. The Mani mantra practice is supreme in order to bring about peace and happiness.”


Everyone who participates in this effort receives the full merits of the whole group, this is called group karma. We will keep all participants informed of the group total from time to time so that you can rejoice and make further dedications for the benefit of all beings.

  • You can participate by making an aspiration to complete ANY number although the preferred MINIMUM is 100,000
  • Do not pledge any more than you are reasonably sure you can complete.
  • The time period is 50 days from the day of reporting (Day of reporting as day 1)
  • Do not report twice for the same pledge. You do not need to inform us that you have finished.
  • If, by any chance, you truly cannot finish, it is okay to ask someone else to help recite the mantras, like divvying up the number.  But this is only in the case of direst straits, not because of laziness etc. Please do not send requests to rescind mantra counts/pledges.
  • You must do proper dedications after the recitation of the mantras each time and if you don’t know how to do dedications, please refer to this post : )
  • The mantras can be recited anytime, anywhere, with or without the use of a sadhana. All we ask is that you recite clearly (without missing any syllables) and with some sound (a whisper is okay)
  • If you need the use of a very short sadhana, we suggest this (scroll to the bottom of the following page) :
  • You can use a rosary, digital counter, fingers or mental counting to record the numbers
  • You need not have received any oral transmission and need not have taken refuge to recite this mantra. There are absolutely no conditions for reciting this mantra
  • Either OM MANI PADME HUNG or OM MANI PADME HUNG HRIH is fine and can be included in the same count. If you wish to, you can even do some with HRIH and some without. It is entirely up to individuals what they are comfortable with.
  • Send all counts to, stating :
  1. Name / Dharma Name (optional)
  2. Country
  3. Number of mantras pledged