Potencies of Holy Days

“In the Kalachakra Tantra, it is stated that during the occurence of a solar or lunar eclipse, all positive actions would increase in effect by a thousand or ten-thousand fold.   In China, in the Susiddhikara Sutra, it is stated that during a lunar eclipse, one can accomplish the highest attainment; during a solar eclipse, one can accomplish the highest, medium and lowest attainments.”    ~ Khenpo Suodargye, one of the most extraordinarily learnt and prolific translators in our times

“Why are the solar and lunar eclipses important  times for doing Dharma practices?  In the Kalachakra tantra it is deemed that the external sun and moon corresponds to the Prana (Vayu), Nadi and Bindu (Wind, Channel and Essence) in one’s body.  Everyone breathes 21,600 times everyday, out of which a large proportion are karmic winds.  The proportion of wisdom winds is relatively smaller.  On such holy days, most of the karmic winds are transformed into wisdom winds, therefore the Prana(Vayu), Nadi and Bindus are circulating in a special phase and diligent Dharma practice during these times would yield a result beyond that of normal times.”   ~  Khenchen Tsultrim Lodro –  vice abbot of one of the largest monastery in the world – the Larong Five Sciences University


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