Yeshe Tsogyal’s Prayer to Maha Guru Padmasambhava

Before Guru Rinpoche left Tibet for the land of the Rakshasas to tame the beings there, his disciple Yeshe Tsogyal made a heartfelt aspiration prayer with great devotion and longing.  This prayer was rediscovered as a terma of Pema Lingpa.  I have re-editted it from several versions I found (thanks to Lotsawa House and Jhanasukha)  and put it here for anyone who wishes to recite this prayer.  It would be good to recite this prayer particularly on the powerful holy days of 10th, 25th, new moon, full moon etc.  It would also be good to recite this prayer at holy places when one is on pilgrimage.

In my opinion, this prayer is short but contains all the important points, most importantly, it was said at such an important juncture of Yeshe Tsogyal’s life and is imbued with powerful interdependent-arisings.   As many people know, many things depends on tendrels (or interdependent-arisings) to occur.  Many masters would observe the tendrel for particular projects to decide if they would go ahead.  If the circumstances were forbidding, then usually the Masters would not continue to force the circumstances or even if they went ahead, the outcome would usually be quite bland.   Sometimes, after observing negative tendrels, masters will wait and see if things will change later. But this is not a deterministic view because positive tendrels can and are always being created. For instance, when Milarepa offered his root Guru Marpa, a large empty cauldron, it was inauspicious and so Marpa helped him to create a positive tendrel by filling it up with butter.  Or when Gampopa first visited Milarepa and downed the entire goblet of wine in spite of his monk vows, this was a very positive tendrel too.  In general, if we practice with devotion and according to the teachings, we are constantly creating positive tendrels.

In short, this prayer of Yeshe Tsogyal made to her Guru is a very positive tendrel and when we recite this prayer, we are taking part in this auspiciousness and creating similar parallels in our practice and future activities to benefit beings.  I hope that many people will recite her prayer as much as possible.  You can add it after your dedications on Tsok days or in whatever manner that is convenient.  May all be auspicious!!!

Download the pdf file here:

Yeshe Tsogyal Prayer