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Case-studies of people who were liberated through the Guru of Unsurpassed Kindness Achuk Lama Rinpoche’s Guru Yoga Practice.

Case-studies of people who were liberated through the Guru of Unsurpassed Kindness Achuk Lama Rinpoche’s Guru Yoga Practice.

(Editor: This was extracted from the Greatly Kind Root Guru Ah Song Sangngag Tenzin Rinpoche’s teaching on Achuk Lama Rinpoche’s Guru Yoga at Yachen Gonpa on 24 Dec 2011)

Guru Yoga is extremely important. No matter what, if you wish to be liberated in this life, in the bardo or be reborn in your next life in the nirmanakaya pure realms to attain liberation, practising the Guru Yoga is the sole supreme path. But merely reciting the words is not considered Guru Yoga, to do the practice precisely and exactly – that is considered Guru Yoga. When reciting, one should visualise clearly according to the text. Merely resting in a state of non-thought will not bring liberation.

View does not mean that there is nothing at all, that everything is empty, view is not nihilistic, it is omniscient. All appearances are unobstructed. (View is) vast. Some Chinese disciples have the misunderstanding that a state of blankness or resting in non-thought is the view, it is not like that! To recognise the view, one should pray to the Guru until tears fall and your pore hairs stand on end, naturally one will recognise the view.

Today, I have explained everything i know to everyone without holding back or concealing anything. If you do not practise according to the teaching, I will be very sorrowful! Not everyone can give you the excellent Dharma, this is the gold-like essential pith instructions from the culmination of Lama Rinpoche’s entire life of practice. Without keeping anything, i have taught it to everyone. Everyone should treasure it and feel that it is most rare and precious. Practise accordingly and contemplate correctly, this is my greatest hope.

Such a profound pith instruction can lead to liberation in one life, there is no doubt at all. The crux is whether one is able to have faith. If one has not faith, even Buddha Shakyamuni is unable to liberate you. Devadatta had no faith and did not gain accomplishment. If one has doubt, then even the sublime pith instructions cannot give you accomplishments.

From last year to this year, especially in this month, i have seen directly my disciples who passed away, only by relying on the practice of Guru Yoga, they 100% attained liberation. As can be seen, it is not that Dharma is not sublime. Dharma is truly sublime, but whether liberation is gained depends on one’s own faith.

1. A old monk from Xinlong, when he passed away, he saw Amitabha Buddha, me and Tashi Sangdrub Tulku coming to guide him. He got up to make prostrations, after the third prostration, he was unable to stand up and passed into nirvana, ie. he attained Buddhahood.

2. A Tibetan Jomo/nun was having a heart procedure done at Kangding, in the midst of her anesthesia, she kept praying to me, when her mind and the Guru merged inseparably, she rested in this state. During the operation, i kept appearing in the space in front of her in a pure realm. This nun is still alive.

3. Yachen Monastery has an old layman who saw my appearance in the sky one day. It occurred many times. He thought that he was about to leave this world. That night, he died.

4. An old monk was sick to the brink of death. He asked for me to visit him. When i went, he was so sick that he was unable to even raise his head. Both of his hands were clutching about wildly. I asked him if he recognised me? He replied that he recognised but he was unable to pray, unable to recall the Guru. I said, “When you are going to die, not being able to recall and pray to Guru is really terrible.” Therefore, I asked him to meditate with me for 15 minutes, to pray to Guru. After resting in meditation and praying, he was able to raise his head again, and was to speak clearly, “Now I am able to think of the Guru, the Guru is inseparable from Buddha Amitabha.” He also said that he is going to die, his mind was in a state of joy. By praying to the Guru, he received accomplishment/siddhi swiftly.

5. Yachen Meditation Monastery has a Ah-ke/monk whom everyone knew. In his view, there is no death, there is no impure appearance, everything manifests as the pureland. This is through the kindness of the Guru Lama Rinpoche. When he was dying, he could still walk around. People asked him if he was in pain. He said, “No pain, all is blissful.” In this way, he passed freely into parinirvana.

6. Also, some time back, when i was explaining the ngondro or preliminaries, another case of liberation occurred in actuality. A Singaporean female lay-disciple, who had listened to Dharma in the presence of Lama Rinpoche before, she requested for the pith instructions from me but did not manage to finish receiving all the instructions. Some time ago, she had a heavy sickness, death was imminent. I telephoned her and asked her to pray to Guru, always to recite the Guru Yoga. Very quickly, she passed into parinirvana a few days later. At that time, she was unable to tell her family clearly to leave her body alone for three days, in order to rest in samadhi. She only told them to leave her body for three days in order for her to proceed to rebirth in Lama Rinpoche’s pureland. Her family agreed to leave her body quietly alone for 3 days and after 3 days, they opened the coffin and saw that her complexion was even more bright and luminous, it is doubtless that she has gone to Lama Rinpoche’s pureland.

7. A Tibetan female Layperson usually prayed to Guru in every moment, some time ago, she went to Chang-tai for medical treatment. Her sickness was very severe giving her no chance to pray, therefore she folded her hands in homage at her heart region before dying. Before dying, her sickness was very heavy, and her complexion was awful. After her death, her face color and skin color became fresh and bright. She is 100% in meditation. After a few days, she went to Lama Rinpoche’s pureland.

These case-studies are not far and few in between, but actually numerous. Not only those Vajra fellow practitioners who have died were liberated in freedom and joy, but even many of those who are still alive can in actuality see the Sukhavati pure realm.

As can be seen, in this life having met such a sublime teacher, met with the sublime pith instructions, met with such a sublime opportunity, whether one accomplishes or not depends on oneself. Therefore, you should practise diligently, pray with a mind of devotion and reverence. Always never be separated from the Guru, liberation in this life is certain and beyond doubt. If one has the slightest doubt in the Guru Yoga, this is blocking your own door to liberation.