Prayer in midst of sufferings

Nowadays there are many phenomenons manifesting from the four elements causing fear, destruction and loss of live and property. At these times, it is very important to direct strong prayers to the people who are suffering.  Some people wonder if these prayers are of any benefit.  According to Dzogchen Khenpo Choga:

In the Prajnaparamita sutras and Samantabhadra tantra, Buddha said that when there are natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, or fire, the energy of your Dharma practice at that time increases millions of times and you create immeasurable good karma and greatly benefit all beings. It is a very important time for us to pray sincerely from our hearts.

When such disasters strike, people who are affected are too distraught or distracted to concentrate on prayers, they may not even know how to pray. In such times, people from other parts of the globe can concentrate and offer up our positive energies and invoke the Buddhas/Bodhisattvas to help.  There is definitely a positive effect because many of such disasters are at least partially caused by other kinds of formless beings and we can definitely reduce or limit the damage through spiritual methods.  There are many stories of highly enlightened masters praying and preventing huge disasters like typhoons, earthquakes etc, even in recent times.  There are also stories of ordinary people who were very sincere and dedicated to their practice and the disaster wrecked havoc everywhere around them but left their house alone.

By directing our prayers towards those humans, animals etc who are affected by the disaster, their minds can also receive these energies and calm down, thus reducing their suffering.  Those who have passed away can also experience less confusion in the bardo.  Those who are alive are also less likely to fall prey to their baser emotions and engaging in theft etc in cases where there is lack of food.

I end this post with another quote from Khenpo Choga:

Generosity is not merely money. It includes love, healing, and brings great hope for the future. Therefore, you should find a reliable aid organization and support and join their activities by making a donation with love and compassion. Even if you give only one penny with positive thinking it makes a big difference.

We may think of this world as many different, isolated countries. In fact, it is one, deeply interconnected world. If any area has a problem, it is not theirs alone. It is actually everybody’s problem. For example, if there is a nuclear explosion in Japan, the radiation spreads everywhere.

When natural or social disasters increase, we really need to increase our good intention and good conduct. Therefore, these days we should practice positive thinking one thousand times more than before.

We cannot just say, “Oh, this world has so many problems,” and just sink in sadness, worry, or fear. That does not help anybody. If you are afraid of problems, that is a big problem because then you feel helpless to solve the problem. We should directly face problems, find solutions, and act right away. That is how we effectively help ourselves and others.

Generally, helping others is the best way to help yourself. Especially when there is a tragedy, we need to help each other more. By helping each other, you can realize the meaning of life. Sometimes greedy people choose money over the lives of people, but we should always choose the lives of people over money.