Some teachings and stories related to Ah Song Tulku Rinpoche


“Recalling the Guru is the most auspicious, recalling the Guru is greatest joy.” The Guru is the embodiment of the Triple Gems. Recalling the Guru brings blessings, recalling the Guru brings siddhis, recalling the Guru obliterates obstacles, Guru is the most true refuge.

Ah Song Tulku Rinpoche told the Chinese students a story: during the recent Yushu earthquake, frequently many hundreds of corpses from the earthquake are transported to the sky-burial site at Yachen for sky-burial.

One day, when Rinpoche was driving along the road beside the sky-burial site, he observed with his clairvoyance that halfway up the mountain, amongst the tens of corpses in the sky-burial site was the consciousness of a nun, she was still in meditative composure. Rinpoche immediately stopped the car and blessed that nun, leading her to be reborn in Amitabha’s pureland. Rinpoche said she had died in the earthquake, but when she was dying, she was thinking of her Guru and entered into a samadhi, and was waiting for her Guru to guide her.



One day, a Tibetan nun came to Ah Song Tulku Rinpoche to report her meditative progress. She did not speak but instead used her hand to signal, sometimes pointing to her heart, sometimes pointing to the sky, sometimes pointing to her teeth. Rinpoche imitated her in not speaking, but instead gestured in an interested manner, giving her the answer to her questions. Seeing that the nun was satisfied and kept nodding her head, it seemed that she understood Rinpoche’s answer. Rinpoche also gave her a thumbs-up praising her.

After seeing this for a long time, i did not understand anything. I thought, ‘If she was keeping silence for her retreat, that is understandable. But surely there was no need for silence with the Guru? It would be so inconvenient for guessing what each other meant, unless they were communicating just as in the Zen tradition, or was it a mind-to-mind blessing? Or perhaps it was a mind-seal transmission?’

After some ten minutes had passed, the nun left happily. I immediately asked Rinpoche. Rinpoche replied, “This nun is a deaf-mute from birth. She is not keeping silent on purpose. She was just reporting to me her view from practising Togal. She said she saw (Achuk) Lama Rinpoche and me, and Avalokiteshvara in the sky and rested in the state inseparable from the Buddhas/Bodhisattvas/Guru.” This gesture refers to Lama Rinpoche, this gesture refers to Avalokiteshvara, this gesture refers to me. This (gesture) meant that she rested fully in the state of meditation…

Rinpoche further said, “For those who have faith, there is no such thing as lacking the 8 freedoms. Look at her, she was born deaf and mute, but due to her faith in the Guru Triple Gems, the manifestations of Togal still appeared. Those people who are without faith are the real ones without the 8 freedoms. Only with faith, can we practise Togal with accomplishment. Without it, there can be no accomplishment. With faith, one can receive the Guru’s blessings. Faith is the most important!!



The View of Dzogchen can only be bestowed by the Guru. Without the Guru’s blessings, there is no way to truly realise the view. Even if you practice diligently your whole life, you can only understand the view intellectually, but that is not the true view. Praying to the Guru is VERY VERY important! Receiving the Guru’s blessings, one can then truly realise the view. Without the Guru’s blessings, it is forever impossible to have the view. Everything in Dzogchen has no other source other than the Guru’s blessings. During practice, apart from using observing and resting meditation, one must always supplicate the Guru. There are some people who do not wish to rely on the Guru, they hope to rely on themselves to realise the Dzogchen, that is impossible. The Guru is the source of all siddhis, the source of all benefits.

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