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Special days in November 2012

On these special days, try to put aside time to do more practice and be mindful of your positive and negative deeds.

6 Nov 2012 – Lhabab Duchen
Buddha descends from the Trayastrimsha Heavens

This is a Buddhist festival celebrated to observe the descent of Buddha from heaven back to earth. Buddha had left for heaven at the age of 41, having ascended to The Heaven of Thirty-Three (Trayastrimsa) in order to give teachings to benefit the gods in the desire realms and to repay the kindness of his mother by liberating her from Samsara. He was exhorted by his follower and representative Maugalyayana to return, and after a long debate managed to return. This is considered to be one of the eight great deeds of the Buddha. He returned to earth by a special triple ladder prepared by Viswakarma, the god of machines. On Lhabab Duchen, the effects of positive or negative actions are multiplied ten million times. It is part of Tibetan Buddhist tradition to engage in virtuous activities and prayer on this day.

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13 Nov 2012, Total Eclipse of the Sun

All times in UTC/GMT
(P1) Partial begin 19:37:58
(U1) Total begin 20:35:08
Greatest eclipse 22:12:55
(U4) Total end 23:48:24
(P4) Partial end 0:45:34

28 Nov 2012 – Partial Eclipse of the Moon

Penumbral eclipse starts – 12:14:58 UT
Greatest eclipse – 14:33:00 UT
Penumbral eclipse ends – 16:51:02 UT

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52 cases of causes-and-effects

With some hesitation i put these records online to share with readers.  Some people may view it with great doubt. But from own real life experience, i have seen such things being done.  Achuk Lama Rinpoche is famous in Tibet for helping to dispense advice to help the deceased due to his omniscience.    

These are 52 cases of causes-and-effects concerning deceased people who received Achuk Lama Rinpoche’s help in observing their state after death and determining the causes of these states (ie, the actions the deceased had performed prior to their deaths) It is a chilling teaching to us and evidence of the unfailing nature of karma cause and effect as well as a testimony to the sufferings of samsra. May all beings avoid all negative deeds, perform all positive deeds and purify their minds.

When I (Achuk Lama Rinpoche) was asked where Chalole’s younger brother had taken rebirth, i replied, “Is this person deaf?” Everyone replied, “Yes, Tsewang is deaf.” I said, “He seems to have killed a snake.” They said, “When he was young, he dug out a snake and killed it while playing.” I said, “Behind your house, there is a pile of rocks, in it is the snake. Bring it here.” When they went to look, they really found the snake and brought it to Lama Rinpoche. Later the snake was salvaged through confession by recitation of scriptures etc.

Rongta lama asked me about his mother’s rebirth. I said, “Use the silver lamp-holders to offer countless butterlamps, recite Akshobhya Buddha’s ritual frequently, by this power, she will take rebirth in the eastern pureland of manifest joy.”

Someone asked me about his father’s rebirth when i was beside Zhala monastery, i said, “He has reborn in the womb of your family’s horse.” Later when further asked, I said, ” The brown/tanned color female horse’s group of foals, among them the one with a black lip is the one. All the prayers were performed for him.

I went to Shangya to perform 100,000 burnt offerings. There, an old man called Zhaduo who due to having harmed a great master was now boiling in hell, i could not help him.

In Shangya, Genxi’s partner when performing rituals for crossing-over the dead soul, asked me to observe. I said, “Reborn as a huge fish, many small fishes are chewing on its body, experiencing unbearable suffering.” Due to this, for two days, i did not recite anything but rested in meditation. That old man was a fisherman in Gantse, his trade was well known by everyone.

Quzha Lama of Kangnan monastery asked me to observe when he was performing prayers for the deceased, i said, “As this person always meditated on Guru Rinpoche as a Yidam, he has taken rebirth in the Copper Auspicious Mountain (Guru Rinpoche’s pureland).

Yezhu Norbu asked me to observe, I said, “This old man did many negativities. He is experiencing great sufferings in the lower realms. Quickly do many positive merits for him, other that this, nothing can dissipate his sufferings.”

I was asked to observe concerning Ah Dan’s old mother, i said, “This old lady has some wound on her left foot?” “That was shot by a gun when she was escaping in the past.” “Due to her great arrogance, she has been reborn as a snake.” “There is a gun, should we sell it to raise funds for creating merits for her, or should we destroy it?” Lama Rinpoche said, “Destroying it is good, she will take rebirth in a positive realm. I dare to guarantee it.”

When i was reciting one morning, in a state i observed, at the foot of the western mountain there was a large slab of rock, beside it, a young man was giving rise to great anger. I exerted my mind strongly thinking to benefit him. This man is the son of the official in Lada, he killed someone and was executed by the country.

When i was staying in Palyul, Karma Tsewang asked about the old lady Tsela’s rebirth. I said, “She is attached to a golden ear ring.” Several days later, they brought that golden ear ring to me. Her family said, “Can we use 1000 yuan to perform prayers and keep this golden ear-ring?” I said, “This ear-ring is worth 10,000 yuan, how can 1,000 yuan do? This is your partner, do as you see fit.” They used the ear-ring for her prayers and she took rebirth in a positive realm.

Lawei, an old man, killed storks in the past, but owing to power of the prayers at his death, took rebirth as a heavenly stork in the heaven of the 33rd. The mother and son storks were of the same size.

Raowa Losang Dechen’s daughter died of a fierce illness. When asked, i said, “This lady, during her illness, cut off all relationship with everyone, therefore she had no attachment to the place where she got sick. She has taken rebirth as an elephant in India.”

Someone from Dalomairema asked me about his father. I said, “Your father has taken rebirth seven times as an animal. These animals have been killed by you.” This person did not believe me. I said, “I will tell you in more details, first time, you killed a beast beside a rock, it was trapped by you with an iron hook. It did not die immediately but died after great torment. After a few days, you went to retrieve it home. The second time, you killed a musk deer, in this way you killed 7 times.” Thus the man believed me as if he had seen a real Buddha and did the necessary prayers.

Someone from Adaiwa came to see me, he said, “I have not killed any animals in the past and will not kill any in the future. But I will not take any vow (to abstain from killing) because I am afraid that during the course of a long life, I may break the vow.” I said, “You said you have not killed any animals before. But at the turn opposite the mountain slope, there is a small tree, isn’t the buzzard there killed by you?”

An old man from Datama said, “My old partner is dead. Please observe her rebirth whether it is in a good realm. If it is not, i will give all my property to do prayers for her. Do you think this is necessary?” I said, “You bought a horse this year, your partner is attached to this horse. You should give up this horse and create merits for her!” He said, “This horse is a good horse that i have been eyeing for a long time. Without this horse, i have no way…”

When the matter of Sharewa’s Gaishe rebirth was posed to me, Norbu Zhede said, “Use another 300 yuan to do merits.” I said, “After his death, beside the monastery, at a collapsed wall, he has reborn as a insect. After the death of the insect, he will go to a good realm.”

Nada Menje’s son died. When arranging for his death, i said, “Once killed a snake, the snake is obstructing his path to liberation.” His mother said, “When he was playing with many other kids, they killed a snake together.” I said, ” You can’t say it this way, the crux is who is playing the leading role, this snake was killed with your son leading. Perform the ablution initiation, most probably will take rebirth in good realms.”

A tulku died, someone asked me about his rebirth. I said, “This tulku has no rebirth because he received too much wealth through offerings. He is now in hell suffering.” Besides this i did not say much more because i did not want the benefactors to have wrong view and waste their (merits) of giving.

Liaoxi’s Zhalo asked me to observe about his mother’s death. I said, “Reborn as your family’s Yak calf. ” His family asked, “There are two new calfs, which is the one?” I replied, “The one with a shorter right hoof. It has already been killed this winter.” They did prayers for this.

I was asked to observe about Liaoxi’s Agong’s death. I said, “He killed numerous animals in the past, maybe more than 2000 animals?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “He was born as the guard dog of your family. The one with a grey-blue coat and white back is his rebirth. That dog was killed with a stone after it bit the doctor Zangxia. It has reborn as a dri (female yak), the tail is very rough and fuzzy, it is now in your home.” He said, “Yes.”

In the past, i was asked to observe about Qingba lama’s death. I said, “Make a mani banner that is as long as his body as a merit to salvage him. He is now enduring the suffering of being cooked and burnt in the hells. ” It was done as i said.

Menjie asked about Sangye Lhamo’s death, i said, ” She died from a knife, and had great anger. She did too many cunning things. Recite the Liberation sutra 500 times, the Akshobhya mantra 100 million times, Vairochana mantra 100 million times, 500 mantra banner equal to her body’s length, recite the Kangyur, offer tea to the sangha and there is still need to recite many dedication texts.” When all the above had been done, i was again asked. I said, ” There is a need to inscribe 3000 mani stones, after this has been done, it is not certain whether she is able to gain peace.”

After Lama Samten from Paychawa died, someone asked me. I said, “His mindstream recited Vajrakilaya yidam, by the power of this, he has taken rebirth in the southern pureland of Endowed with Qualities.”

One day, i saw a small dog and said, “This is the rebirth of an old lady called Awenma.” An old monk Shelok said, “My grandmother is named Awenma, is this her rebirth?” “Yes.” “I will recite 100 million mani mantras.” He brought the dog to circumambulate Yachen’s mani stone piles. Before long, the dog died and was reborn in the positive realms.

About Changtai’s Wengzhuo’s death, i was asked and said, “Reborn, now an old dog.” His nephew had a Dri and after parting with this for creating merits, sent off the deceased.

After swiftly performing many prayers for a deceased old monk Jigme Dorje, i was asked. Replying, “Due to the vast strength of the prayers, he has taken rebirth in Potala pureland.”

For a deceased monk Dage, another old monk WengDu from Longnu monastery came to see me, i said, “This monk is attached to a liberation by hearing text, it would be good to give it up for creating merits. There are three types of volumes, the superior, middle and lower quality volumes, he is attached to the volume of superior quality. Give this volume to a Guru.”

When i was staying at Sethar, a old lady’s corpse was brought to Larong and i was asked to perform powa for her. I said, “Although powa is performed, but there is a dog wearing iron chains that is creating an obstacle, go and ask MaGao Dakini.” The dakini said, “Once when this dog was being pursued by a Chinese who wanted to kill him, he circled around the old lady to hide from the danger but died in the process.”

I was asked about the death of the old monk Gela, i said, “He accumulated many recitations of the mani mantra?” His nephew Dizang said, “Yes.” “He is in Potala pureland, there is no need for prayers. Recite 100 million mani mantras for the karmically-connected beings.”

Someone asked me about Wazhong’s death. I said, “He killed many calfs, due to that karma, he is reborn as the cow with a white dot on her forehead. She has little milk and is about to be sold. ” They released this cow and did many prayers. Later the cow died and took a good rebirth.

When i went to Duomai Gaimo’s place, someone asked about the officer Pajing’s death. I replied, “Reborn as a little monkey in that place. Are there any monkeys there?” Everyone said, “There’s no monkey there.” I said, “You go and take a look.” Everyone went there to look around, and actually saw that monkey. This gave them sublime confidence and they did the prayers.

Someone asked about Kunga Rangpo’s death. I said, “This is a very non-virtuous person. He is now in the hell of corpses and excrement. He has burnt a house, committed many robberies, destroyed Buddha halls and statues, scriptures and stupas. One must recite the Kangyur many times and create a vast amount of merits to liberate him from the lower realms.”

Someone asked about Pama, i said, “He has taken rebirth in body of evil karma, this is the result of slandering the sangha.” When he was a temple-administrator, he said many harsh words to the sangha.

When i was asked about Tsewang, i said, “Before he died, he had great anger about the water bags, now he has taken birth as a snake in the water bags. Due to the karma, the water in the water bags has transformed into iron water, he is in great pain. ” Before his death, as the water bags by the window were blown by the wind, he lost his temper at all the people and ordered, “Take it down!” Due to that, after the karma was cleansed, in the winter, this little snake emerged and died.

Jiangda asked about his dead mother, I said, ” Is the white female sheep in your home.” After doiing many prayers and merits, i said, “She has taken birth in the Eastern pureland of Manifest Joy.”

When asked about the old man Dorje’s death, i replied, “He is in the big cypress tree on the mountain behind your home.” They did the prayers for him.

About Gyalwe’s death, I said, “Taken birth in the water in some place as a water insect in a solitary hell. Many toads are eating him. He is in so much pain that his mouth is open.” I went to that home to recite powa and do burnt offerings and make aspirations. I asked again, “Did the old man kill frogs and insects?” They said, “When he was young, people called him ‘Insect killer’. When we asked another teacher how to help him, the reply was, ‘Make a Vajrasattva Hundred Syllables prayer banner, he will not fall in the lower realms.’ Now what is your recommendation to help him?” I said, “I can’t decide now, use the mani mantra.” Later they asked Yangtrul. Yangtrul said, “What Lama (Achuk Lama Rinpoche) said is true, but besides the lower realms, where else is there for him? After three years, that deceased can take a human rebirth again.”

When i returned from Gantse, I stayed at Shema’s home for one day, beside the two elderly ladies, there was no-one else. Upon sleeping, in a state, i saw that there was someone hung on the ceiling of the tent. In a state of nonduality between appearances and mind, i recited powa. The second day i asked, “Did anyone die in this tent before?” They replied that someone called Tudeng from Xinlong had hung himself in the tent. They asked, “For such evil karma, is there any way to counter?” I said, “Recite the Liberation by Hearing for 100 times would be sufficient.” Later, I asked Tulku Rinpoche (Arik Rinpoche), the reply was “You benefitted him somewhat, but there is a need for different kinds of prayer.”

When my disciple Kunla died, Ache said,”Please fulfill her aspiration to be reborn in pureland in 7 days. I will also perform great austerities for her sake.” I said, “There is no need for austerities. Go and circumambulate Zhejie mountain.” Kunla’s husband and brother Yewa came to ask about her. I said, ” Go and circumambulate Zhejie mountain, there is an insect born in a rock slab, need to recite 11 times 100 million mantras.” I went to Ache’s home to perform prayers and on my way back, met Yewa who was circumambulating Yachen’s mani stone heaps. I asked, “Are you returning now? Due to the power of merits, the deceased will take rebirth as the daughter of Huazhong after losing her insect body, she will get happiness.” When Yewa returned home, they were using the deceased’s ashes to practice and found a slab of stone to grind the bones into powder. There was a insect under the stone which was still alive. It was alive for more than 11 months, and after that, they practised the ablution and blessed sand methods on the insect, it died later on. That insect should be the one.

Dourao from Changtai died at age of 30 and i was asked,”Where is he now, please tell me immediately.” I said, “Born as a white insect the size of the point of a needle in the bark of a tree.” It was winter at that time. I went to ask Tulku Rinpoche, “These appearances, will the insect still be alive in November?” The reply was, “Sentient beings have uncertain karma, there is no way to know.” Later, when i asked Sera Yangtrul, the reply was, “It is the tree bark, but whether it is the rock slab is not certain.”

Someone sent by Jiadu Tulku to me to ask about an old person. I jokingly wrote on the letter, “You should know clearly where this person is born, aren’t you the one who salvaged him? Aiya, i saw that he seemed to be in a hell of red bronze being cooked and burnt. The karma is to maliciously break the bronze pot of Jiadu monastery. ” In the past, when Jiadu monastery was having a puja, one night, someone drilled a hole in the bronze pot, but no-one knew who did it, but it seems that this is the person. There were many more happenings at that time.

Someone asked about Palchen Dorje’s death, I said, “He is attached to a black horse.” When asked, “There are a mother and son black horse, which is the one?” I replied, “It is the mother.” When he died, he said, “I want to be reborn as the beloved foal of this mother horse, the mother horse has great kindness.” They have already performed many prayers for him. I said, “Give away the horse as merit and he will obtain a positive rebirth.”

Asked about the old lady Wangji, i said,”She used two cow skins as a bedding? ” Her family said, “Yes.” I said, “She seems to be very good at reciting the mani mantra?” Her family said, “She has recited 140 million mani mantras.” I said, “She turned the prayer wheel?” Her family said, “She turned the liberation prayer wheel she invited from the Relabon monastery.” I said, “It is a red prayer wheel?” Her family said, “It was wrapped with a red animal skin.” “She is now in Potala pureland, no need for any prayers, just offer some tea to the sangha would be sufficient.”

Gu-Ah asked about his old mother, i replied, “She is attached to a red mother cow, and became a young red cow.” Later it was true that a red young cow was born. “The old lady was attached to the red cow, do more dharmic connections for her, she will be able to take a positive rebirth.”

When asked about Wangchen who was murdered, i said, “He is an evil person, and stole many animals that had been released by the master Puduolo, and sent them to Litang to sell. Therefore his way of death was very negative, he is now in the Iron Thorn Forest, you need to do much confession with the recitation of Kangyur.

When my disciple Menye died, Qujia asked about him. I said, “He is attached to a debt in Rongku.” Qujia said, “It shouldn’t be a debt he lent to others, but something he owes.” He went to the family to convey what i said. The family said, “The deceased had a friend who borrowed some sheep fur and haven’t repaid the money. Before his death he was still talking about this.”

A beggar Yema died and i was asked. I said, “Attached to a silver spoon and greedy about eating. Not sure if reborn as a dog. Should give that spoon away to create merits.” “I did not see that spoon.” I said, “There is one definitely. If it is not given for merits, then the deceased definitely can’t attain the positive realms.” That female beggar had a silver spoon but it was taken away by children and lost, before her death, she was still looking for it under her pillow and bed.

I was asked about Adun’s death. I said, “Due to the karmic debt from her son’s killing of the mountain goat, she was reborn in Reangna as a mountain goat. After the prayers, she will attain a good rebirth.”

Someone asked about Tsomo’s death, i said, “Due to her son Pema Trinley killing the wild beasts, she has reborn as an insect, there are countless smaller insects eating her. Very painful!” They used everything they had to do prayers for her and asked me again, i said, “She is reborn as a son in a lowly family in a tent.”

Someone asked about Suoba’s death, i said, “On the left side of your home, he is reborn as a wolf on the yellow mountain. He seems to have a silver gilded gun with a wooden handle? ” He said, “Yes, the gun has been bought by someone.” I said, “Do the prayers, after the wolf dies, he will attain the positive realms.”

Someone asked about Kunma, i said, “He died with great anger and seems to be born as a snake.” He replied, “Yes, before his death he was unable to bear the beatings of the Chinese and killed himself. ” After prayers, they asked me again, i said, “Offer the sangha tea, recite dedication prayers, after the snake dies, it will attain a human rebirth. I have forgotten which family.”

Renle performed much practice and received much wealth. He had several children and created negative karma but not even one children became ordained. After his death, i said, “Reborn as a pig with white forelegs beside the road to Ganzi. The benefactors have take birth as his piglets and are suckling his milk. ” His family made many mani banners and did the prayers.

In the past when Sera Yangtrul wanted me to speak about the crossing-over of the dead people, Tulku Rinpoche (Arik Rinpoche) said, “You must continue with advising others about the prayers for the deceased.” Thus i continued and have advised more then 100,000 people about this. Here, for the benefit of letting people know about the qualities of the Guru, the suffering of samsara and giving them faith and understanding about karma, i have briefly described some.

(Note: Sera Yangtrul is a treasure-revealer and great master. He is one of Achuk Lama Rinpoche’s Gurus.  Arik Rinpoche is Lama Rinpoche’s Root Teacher)

(This translation is a summary of the Chinese and is not a word-for-word detailed translation although almost all of the pertinent details have been translated.)


This is a teaching of the first Karmapa Dusum Khyenpa extracted from ‘The First Karmapa- The Life and Teachings of Dusum Khyenpa” and an extract from the teaching of Choeze Rinpoche which i feel is relevant.  Kudos to RA for typing this out.  I have written another post on dedication here:


NAMO RATNA GURU. In the words of the precious guru:

It is said that dedicating the roots of goodness is extremely important. If you perform virtue but do not dedicate it, it will become depleted. If you dedicate it to a lesser purpose, it will become depleted. If you publicize it, it will become depleted. Dedication is the method to prevent virtue from being depleted and to increase and strengthen it.

Regarding the recipient of the dedication, dedications are effective when made in the presence of representation of the Three Jewels. Dedications are effective when made in the presence of someone with bodhichitta. Dedications are effective when made in the presence of your lama.

What you dedicate is all virtue of the three times. This includes all the virtue of the past, present, and future. All the roots of goodness can be summarized as three types: the virtue born of generosity, born of discipline, and born of meditation.

The manner of dedication is not to dedicate virtue for your own self, for this life, or for achieving arhatship or self buddhahood. Instead dedicate it so that you and all infinite sentient beings unexcelled, completely perfect enlightment – this is a vast dedication. Its result will never get depleted until you achieve buddhahood. For example, if you spit on a dry rock, the drop of spittle will dry up quickly, but if you spit into the ocean, it will not dry up until the ocean dries up. Similarly, if you dedicate all the virtue you have accumulated in the three times in the presence of your lama and so forth with the intention that you and all infinite sentient beings achieve omniscient buddhahood, the dedication will be accomplished as you have made it. A meaning less thing takes on the highest and best meaning so that it will accomplish a great purpose – it is like a hidden treasure. Therefore, think that all the buddhas and bodhisattvas are present in the sky in front of you. Think to yourself, “ I shall make it so that I and all sentient beings achieve omnniscient buddhahood. For that purpose, I dedicate all the virtue accumulated in the three times to unexcelled enlightenment.”

Repeat after the person leading the dedications: all buddhas and bodhisattvas dwelling in the ten directions thinking of me. Venerable members of the Sangha, I ask that you consider me. Through all virtue that I, named (name), have done, encouraged, or rejoiced in throughout beginningless births up to now, arising from generosity, arising from discipline, and arising from meditation; especially those arising this year from such actions as presenting offerings to the Three Jewels, serving the Sangha, reciting the sutra of the transcendences, offering tormas to Dharma protectors, giving tormas to buthas, and serving feast to people in my immediate or general area: through these roots of goodness, and through sublime generosity – the ornaments of the mind, the mind’s necessities, the collection of yogas and the supreme purpose – may I attain omniscient buddhahood for the benefit of all innumerable beings, with my preceptor, master and parents first and foremost.” Recite that three times. After the last repetition:

“Until that is attained, in every life, may I acquire a human body with excellent leisure and resources. Having acquired a human body, may I encounter a spiritual friend of the mahayana. After I have received both teaching and instruction from the spiritual friend, may no outer or inner obstacles to their practise arise. May I achieve the supreme siddhi of mahamudra. May it be just so.” Recite that three times.

If you wish to make a dedication for the deceased, think that you are dedicating all the virtue they have done in the three times and all the virtue their surviving relatives have done on their behalf so that they, foremost among all sentient beings, are freed from all the suffering of samsara and achieve unexcelled enlightenment. While thingking that, repeat after the person leading the dedication:

“All buddhas and bodhisattvas who abide in the ten directions, I pray that consider the deceased, (name), and all others. Noble members of the Sangha, I pray that you considere the deceased, (name). Through all the roots of goodness accumulated throughout the three times by the deceased, (name), including those arising from generosity, those arising from discipline, and those arising from meditation; the roots of goodness done, encouraged and rejoiced in by them; and the roots of goodness done by us, their surviving relatives, for the benefit of the deceased, (name), including presenting offerings to the Three Jewels, serving the Sangha, reciting the sutras of transcendent wisdom, offering tormas to Dharma protectors, giving tormas to buthas, and serving feast to the people of our immediate or general area; through these roots of goodness, wherever and if the deceased has been born, throughhhh the power of karma, among the six types of beings, may thesee roots of goodness accompany and follow them. May they be freed from all the sufferings of the six types of beings and acquire a human body with excellent leisure and resources. Having acquired a human body, may they hear the sound of the Three Jewels. Having heard the words ‘the Three Jewels,’ may they acquire faith in the Three Jewels. Having acquired faith in the Three Jewels, may they take refuge, generate bodhichitta, train in all the precepts, and attain omniscient buddhahood.” Recite that three times. Those members of the Sangha present should respond three times with, “May it be just so.”

Thus dedicating to their benefit those virtues done on their behalf become a great virtue for oneself. Therefore, it is said that you should also dedicate the virtue of the living.

The completes the ritual for dedications for the living and deceased, which was recorded from Rinpoche’s speech.

Choeze Rinpoche – on dedicating merits in the future:

How should we do dedication? We should dedicate all the past, present and future merits of ourselves, all sentient beings, all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas as well as the source of all good deeds, our Buddha nature. This is the special method of Kyobpa Jigten Sumgon, the founder of the Drikung Kagyud lineage. Why should we dedicate future merit? We may forget to dedicate merits in future when we have done good deeds, so we dedicate merit now for those circumstances. Dedicating future merits will also make it easier for us to accumulate merit in the future.



Some teachings and stories related to Ah Song Tulku Rinpoche


“Recalling the Guru is the most auspicious, recalling the Guru is greatest joy.” The Guru is the embodiment of the Triple Gems. Recalling the Guru brings blessings, recalling the Guru brings siddhis, recalling the Guru obliterates obstacles, Guru is the most true refuge.

Ah Song Tulku Rinpoche told the Chinese students a story: during the recent Yushu earthquake, frequently many hundreds of corpses from the earthquake are transported to the sky-burial site at Yachen for sky-burial.

One day, when Rinpoche was driving along the road beside the sky-burial site, he observed with his clairvoyance that halfway up the mountain, amongst the tens of corpses in the sky-burial site was the consciousness of a nun, she was still in meditative composure. Rinpoche immediately stopped the car and blessed that nun, leading her to be reborn in Amitabha’s pureland. Rinpoche said she had died in the earthquake, but when she was dying, she was thinking of her Guru and entered into a samadhi, and was waiting for her Guru to guide her.



One day, a Tibetan nun came to Ah Song Tulku Rinpoche to report her meditative progress. She did not speak but instead used her hand to signal, sometimes pointing to her heart, sometimes pointing to the sky, sometimes pointing to her teeth. Rinpoche imitated her in not speaking, but instead gestured in an interested manner, giving her the answer to her questions. Seeing that the nun was satisfied and kept nodding her head, it seemed that she understood Rinpoche’s answer. Rinpoche also gave her a thumbs-up praising her.

After seeing this for a long time, i did not understand anything. I thought, ‘If she was keeping silence for her retreat, that is understandable. But surely there was no need for silence with the Guru? It would be so inconvenient for guessing what each other meant, unless they were communicating just as in the Zen tradition, or was it a mind-to-mind blessing? Or perhaps it was a mind-seal transmission?’

After some ten minutes had passed, the nun left happily. I immediately asked Rinpoche. Rinpoche replied, “This nun is a deaf-mute from birth. She is not keeping silent on purpose. She was just reporting to me her view from practising Togal. She said she saw (Achuk) Lama Rinpoche and me, and Avalokiteshvara in the sky and rested in the state inseparable from the Buddhas/Bodhisattvas/Guru.” This gesture refers to Lama Rinpoche, this gesture refers to Avalokiteshvara, this gesture refers to me. This (gesture) meant that she rested fully in the state of meditation…

Rinpoche further said, “For those who have faith, there is no such thing as lacking the 8 freedoms. Look at her, she was born deaf and mute, but due to her faith in the Guru Triple Gems, the manifestations of Togal still appeared. Those people who are without faith are the real ones without the 8 freedoms. Only with faith, can we practise Togal with accomplishment. Without it, there can be no accomplishment. With faith, one can receive the Guru’s blessings. Faith is the most important!!



The View of Dzogchen can only be bestowed by the Guru. Without the Guru’s blessings, there is no way to truly realise the view. Even if you practice diligently your whole life, you can only understand the view intellectually, but that is not the true view. Praying to the Guru is VERY VERY important! Receiving the Guru’s blessings, one can then truly realise the view. Without the Guru’s blessings, it is forever impossible to have the view. Everything in Dzogchen has no other source other than the Guru’s blessings. During practice, apart from using observing and resting meditation, one must always supplicate the Guru. There are some people who do not wish to rely on the Guru, they hope to rely on themselves to realise the Dzogchen, that is impossible. The Guru is the source of all siddhis, the source of all benefits.

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How to Pray to Buddha

(Phurpa Tashi Rinpoche is also a heart-son of Achuk Lama Rinpoche, he is considered widely to be the mind-emanation of  Guru Padmasambhava himself and at a young age, he has also completely realised Dzogchen and has evidenced a light body in photos on certain occasions) Phurpa Tashi Rinpoche When we visualise Buddha Amitabha, Avalokiteshvara or the very kind root Guru above our crown, we should recall that this figure is the embodiment of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the past, present and future. We should have this kind of all-inclusive pervasive faith. If one does not have this kind of pervasive faith, then the blessings received is not complete/perfect, instead we only receive limited blessings. For instance, when two people pray to Buddha Amitabha, one person understands this and knows that Buddha Amitabha is the embodiment of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the past, present and future, therefore praying to Amitabha is equal to praying to all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the three times. But for the other person who has heavy discriminating thoughts, Amitabha is just Amitabha, completely unrelated to other Buddhas, he will pray to Amitabha with such a mindset. These blessings received in these two cases are completely different. The first person who regards Amitabha as the embodiment of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the past, present and future would receive a total and perfect blessing, whereas the second person, although he has faith in Buddha Amitabha, receives an incomplete blessing.

This pervasive faith is extremely important. Whether one can receive the blessings of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three times and ten directions completely depends on whether your understanding of dharma and the faith during your supplication is pervasive and complete. This point is extremely extremely important. There are especially some laypeople who have many loopholes in their practice, always using a biased or one-sided way to pray. This will not allow them to receive the full blessings of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three times and ten directions.
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Ah Song Tulku’s Supplication Prayer


Supplication Prayer to Gyaltsab Sangngag Tanzin


Accomplished Vidyadhara of the Holy Land, Humkara


Heart-son of Padmasambhava Namkhai Nyingpo and


Samtan Zangpo who has attained the supreme accomplishment


I pray from the depths of my heart not to be separated from your three doors.


Please rain blessings from the ultimate meaning of your mind


May Renunciation and Bodhichitta ripen in our mental continuums


May we merge into the great secret Vajrayana


Secret of the secrets, extremely secret unsurpassed meaning


Unfabricated dharmata, within the expanse of the nature of mind


Beyond parting or joining, please grant blessings and accomplishments


Whenever this life comes to its end


May we receive prophecies in your presence


Be liberated from samsara and rest in the pure realms


May we become your first and foremost disciples


in the interim, perfectly carrying out the Bodhisattva’s conduct


Becoming the savior and refuge of sentient beings who have no one to rely upon


Perfectly realising the Tathagata’s ultimate secret meaning


Accepting all beings without exception, whether of superior or inferior capacities


Becoming a captain who guides all sentient beings of the six realms


I and others offer these aspirations accordingly


by the power of accomplishing the aspirations of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas


By this roots of merit, may it be swiftly accomplished!

This supplication prayer to Ah Song Tulku was self-arisen and written down on the 15th day of the Miracles Month by the one with the title of Khenpo (His Holiness Ah Chuk Rinpoche) at the request of Lodro Thaye.  Virtue!

Long Life Prayer for Gyaltsab Sangngag Tanzin Rinpoche (Ah Song Tulku)


Adept of Yangdak, exalted Namkhai Nyingpo


Your emanation, Thubtan Samtan Zang


By the blessings of the Three Jewels and Three Roots,


Manjushri and the assembly of long life deities


Outer and inner maras, the three obscurations and heap of ignorance,


obstacles all dispelled!  May Dharma increase and flourish!!!

This was written by the heart-son of all Siddhas, Jamyang Lungtok Gyaltsen


(post – note , as an auspicious arising today, i post this prayer of this excellent master online, for those of you who do not have any Gurus, you can  recite his prayer and pray to him thinking that he is inseparable from all the authentic and realised masters.

Praying to the Guru is the essence of all practices and brings the swiftest accomplishments.  

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Crucial Advice: A Complete Set of Instructions for the Bardos

by Longchen Rabjam

At the feet of the sacred master, respectfully I pay homage!

Although you have gained this life of freedom and advantage, it will not last,
So keep in mind these instructions for the moment of death.

Now, during this intermediate period of the bardo of this life,
Decide, with complete certainty, that the wisdom of your own awareness is dharmakaya,
And sustaining the ongoing experience of its self-radiance, the meditation which is naturally clear,
Everything will only enhance naturally arising wisdom!

During the bardo of dying, when the four elements dissolve,
There will be the illusory experiences of rising and falling, shaking, and haziness.
And the dissolution of earth, water, fire, wind and space.
The sense faculties too will cease to function. At that time, remind yourself:
“Now I am dying, but there is no need to fear.”
Examine: “What is death? Who is dying? Where does dying take place?”
Death is merely the return of borrowed elements.
In the face of rigpa itself, there is no birth or death.
Within the very form of the dharmakaya of primordial purity, the union of rigpa and emptiness,
Examine: “What is death? Who is dying? Where does dying take place?”
As dying exists nowhere, it is absolutely unreal.
In the experience of this, generate courage and confidence.
The arising of rigpa is not obstructed in any way.
Earth, water, fire, wind and consciousness dissolve into space.
When space dissolves into pure luminosity,
The six consciousnesses dissolve into the basis of all, the dharmadhatu,
As awareness parts from the inanimate, there is an experience of pure awareness, devoid of phenomena.
Separated from the ordinary mind, the great primordial purity of dharmakaya dawns.
Through having recognized this here and now in training,
You will be freed directly, in a single instant.
And gain the dharmakaya of twofold purity.

This is how it dawns, but should you fail to recognize it,
Thereafter, clear light appearances—manifestations of the ground—will arise.
Sounds, lights and colours, peaceful and wrathful ones filling the sky,
By recognizing all these appearances as rigpa’s self-radiance,
You will be freed in the original state, and attain awakening.
It is crucial, therefore, to recognize everything as intrinsic radiance.
Through recognizing the essence, you will gain enlightenment.

This is how it all arises, but should you fail to recognize it,
The dream-like bardo of becoming will dawn.
At that time, by recalling a pure land,
And taking refuge in the lama and the yidam deity,
Some will find freedom in a pure buddha paradise,
And some will gain the seven qualities of birth in a higher realm,
And be assured of gaining liberation in the next life.

Therefore, this most profound essence of instructions,
Which is like placing buddhahood in the palm of the hand,
Will delight the fortunate children of my heart.
This the yogin of the Natural Great Perfection,
Longchen Rabjam Zangpo, has set down.

Through this virtue, may all beings, equal to the vastness of space,
Become fully enlightened within the primordial realm!

This complete instruction for the dying, a secret, unsurpassed introduction, was composed by the heir of the victorious ones, Drime Özer, in response to the requests of devoted disciples, in the isolated hermitage of Khothang Rinchen Ling.

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, Rigpa Translations, 2010. With many thanks to Alak Zenkar Rinpoche and Patrick Gaffney. Tulku Thondup Rinpoche’sPeaceful Death, Joyful Rebirth (Shambhala, 2005) contains a partial translation of this text, which in Tibetan is called bar do’i gdams pa tshangs sprugs su gdab pa gnad kyi man ngag.

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A Mirror Revealing the Crucial Points: Advice on the Ultimate Meaning

By Longchen Rabjam

Single embodiment of the compassion, power and activity
Of the infinite mandalas of victorious buddhas, beyond measure,
Glorious lama, supreme sovereign lord of a hundred buddha families,
At your feet, now and forever, I pay homage!

Ema! Fortunate yogins, listen now:

We have gained a perfect human form with its freedoms and advantages, we have met the precious teachings of the Mahayana, and we have the freedom to practice the sacred Dharma authentically. So, at this time, let us not waste our lives in meaningless pursuits, but work towards the genuine, lasting goal.

There are infinite categories of teaching and countless are the ways to enter the vehicles. Explanations can involve a great many words and expressions. Unless we can take to heart the essence of the genuine meaning, then even committing many hundreds of thousands of volumes to memory will not decidedly bring benefit at the moment of death.

Seemingly, we might have boundless knowledge, all derived from study and reflection, but if our fundamental character is not attuned to the Dharma, we will not tame the enemy, the destructive emotions.

Unless we limit our desires from within by adopting an attitude of not needing anything at all, then even mastery over a thousand worlds will bring no real satisfaction.

Should we fail to prepare for the uncertainty of the time of death, we will not accomplish the great purpose, that which we will surely need when we die.

If we don’t overcome our own faults and train in impartial pure perception, then having attachment and aversion will prevent us entering the ranks of the Mahayana.

Unless we make pure prayers of aspiration with unceasing compassion and bodhichitta, in the knowledge that there is not a single being among the three realms or the six classes who has not been our mother or father in the past, we will not unlock the treasury of altruism.

Unless we have such devotion for our kind teachers that we consider them as greater than the Buddha, we will not receive even a single portion of their blessings.

Without genuinely receiving blessings, the tender shoots of experience and realization will not grow.

If realization does not dawn from within, dry explanations and theoretical understanding will not bring the fruit of awakening.

To put it simply, unless we blend our own mind with the Dharma, it is pointless merely to adopt the guise of a practitioner.

Restricting ourselves to only basic sustenance and shelter, let us regard everything else as unnecessary.

Practice guru yoga, pray with single-minded attention, and direct all virtuous actions to the benefit of all beings, your very own parents.

Whatever you encounter—be it happiness or sorrow, good or bad—regard it as the kindness of the lama.

In the expanse in which self-knowing rigpa arises spontaneously, free of all grasping, rest and relax, without contrivance or fabrication. Whatever thoughts arise, recognizing their essence, allow them all to be liberated as the display of your own intrinsic nature.

Without the slightest trace of anything to cultivate or focus upon in meditation, don’t allow yourself to drift even for a single instant into ordinary confusion. Instead, remain aware and undistracted during all activities, and train to recognize all sights and sounds and sensory experience as the play of illusion. In so doing, you will gain experience for the bardo state.

In short, at all times and in all situations, let whatever you do accord with the sacred Dharma and dedicate all virtue towards enlightenment. If you do so, you will fulfill the vision of your lamas and be of service to the teachings. You will repay the kindness of your parents and spontaneously benefit yourself and others. Please keep this in mind.

Even if we were to meet in person, I would have no greater instruction to give you than this. So take it to heart, all the time, and in any situation.

Lord of the victorious ones, Longchen Rabjam Zangpo, wrote this on the slopes of Gangri Tökar. May virtue abound!


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