Saga Dawa Letter to Dharma Friends

A very nice letter containing alot of essential reminders for all practitioners.


Saga Dawa Letter to Dharma Friends

Dear Dharma Friends,

It is my duty to tell you how to lead your life in a noble Dharma way. Through my whole life experience, I have learned the following things. These are very important to have, and will make your life more peaceful and pleasant:

First, you should recognize that this life you have is very precious, with favorable conditions. After that, you should remember the force of impermanence. Everything is like a dream, changing so fast like the weather. Maybe it will last long, whatever you have, therefore it would be wise to let go of things that cause you pain. Also, it is important to be patient with everyone, including with your family members. If you can deal with your anger, you can solve many problems. Another thing, do not lose your temper when you talk with others. Always be mindful of what you are going to say to others.

Recognize your own faults. Be humble. Do not be selfish. Be kind to others. This is the noble way.

Dharma people should behave better than common people. We have great responsibility of Bodhicitta. We are supposed to be the caretakers of all beings, that’s why we have to behave better.

Some scholars think we don’t have to pray, that having Buddha nature is enough. I don’t think there’s a way to achieve enlightenment without relying on the Three Jewels. Buddha is our guide. Dharma practice is the path. And Sangha members support your journey. That is why your teacher and Dharma brothers and sisters all become very important in your life. You should respect them and never argue with them. Your good actions are the real vows that you are holding.

Some scholars believe that Buddha died, passed into nirvana, and so practice or praying is not necessary. They think that they have realized the view and are the same as Buddha. But this is wrong view. I feel sorry for people who believe this way.

Just because you cannot see Buddha does not mean you can say there is no Buddha. Buddha is always present. Buddha is always here. Even though we have Buddha nature, we still have so many obscurations and defilements. This is why we take refuge, because we have to rely on Buddha for help. We are not yet realized. If we become a fully realized being, then we no longer have to rely on Buddha. But as long we are not yet realized, we must have faith and take refuge and rely on Buddha. Always.

Dharma is based on truth. So we have to be true to ourselves, all the time. You cannot be two-faced, like front and back. The Prayer of the Three Kayas is Guru Rinpoche’s own words, the most profound instruction on how to deal with what we see, what we hear, what thoughts arise in our mind. So analyze the meaning of this teaching, and try to meditate.

If you pray strongly to Guru Rinpoche, you will receive his blessing and will realize the meaning of your Buddha nature.

I will always pray that all of you achieve your goal at some point.

Much love to all,


(Ven. Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche
Saga Dawa Full Moon
June 15, 2011
Garden Grove, California)