Always Praying to Guru

Ah Song Tulku is the successor of Achuk Lama Rinpoche in Yachen Monastery in Tibet.  He is the emanation of one of the 25 disciples of Guru Rinpoche, Namkhai Nyingpo.  At a young age in this very life, he has attained very high realisation and manifested rainbow body.

Photo taken by his attendant, Rinpoche’s body was transparent and manifested Buddhas and Bodhisattvas mandalas. When asked about it, Rinpoche just said, “I don’t know, just look (at the photo).”

Ah Song Tulku

A teaching by Ah Song Tulku on Guru Yoga

Root Lama of Great Kindness, Achuk Lama Rinpoche

Students who don’t have time to do the preliminaries should regard practising Guru Yoga as very important!  It is really very important!  Guru Yoga must definitely be practised!  If you wish to attain accomplishments, you need to rely on the Guru.  If you do not practise the Guru, even by practising other numerous methods, there is fundamentally no accomplishment.  If you practise the Guru Yoga, even if you do not practise many methods, you can gain accomplishment.

I will tell you of a layperson who relied on supplicating the Guru to attain accomplishment just a few days ago.  He came from the Changdu region Gongjue district in Tibet.  His name is Pomu.

This old layman came to to Yachen Monastery 2 months ago.  In Lama Rinpoche’s yard, he met Lama Rinpoche for the first and only time in his life.  He listened to Lama Rinpoche’s teachings and after that, due to his sickness, he went to a hospital for treatment about a month ago.  A few days before he passed away, I went to visit him and asked him what kind of practice he was doing.  He said, “When I saw Lama Rinpoche for the first time, I felt an incredibly strong faith, before my eyes Lama Rinpoche was constantly appearing.  During the day and night, I constantly practised Lama Rinpoche (he did not know how to say “Guru Yoga”), constantly prayed to Lama Rinpoche, reciting Guru Rinpoche’s mantra.  Now, before me, at all times and all places, there is no appearance that does not manifest as Lama Rinpoche.   Besides this, there is no other practice.”  I said to him, “When you are in pain, do you remember the Guru or not?”  He replied, “Never forgetting the Guru, before my eyes, all that manifests is the appearance of Lama Rinpoche.”   I said, “Since that is so, do not forget the Guru at all times, since all that appears before your eyes is Lama Rinpoche, that is very good.  Even if you have not done many practices, you will definitely attain accomplishment!  Whether it is now or in the bardo, always pray to the Guru.  Never forget the Guru at all times! When you are dying, Lama Rinpoche will definitely bless you and bring you to liberation.  You will definitely attain accomplishment.  Rest fully assured!  Pray to the Guru well, do not forget the Guru.”

On the second day, this layman was on the verge of dying.  He said, “I am always thinking of Lama Rinpoche, Guru Rinpoche’s pure-realm has manifested in front of me.  I am now going to Guru Rinpoche’s pure-realm.  I am completely unafraid of death, I am very happy! Very comfortable!”  So saying, he passed away.   I went to see him again, and his corpse was looking as if he were still alive, his face was ruddy and soft, just as before when he was alive and young.  I said there and then that this kind of appearance definitely was a sign of accomplishment, and that we will see if that is so in three days time.

Before this, I have never met any layperson who manifested accomplishment in this life without receiving the Dzogchen pith instructions and having done a lot of practices.  Therefore three days later, I went to see him again.  According to the understanding in Dzogchen, if his heart region three days later remained warm, then it was a clear sign of accomplishment.  I invited a monk to touch his arm and heart to check if there was any difference in temperature. After the monk touched the places, he reported that the heart region was still warm while the other parts of the body were already icy cold and stiff.  This is therefore a sign of accomplishment!

I think his accomplishment is completely due to relying on his faith in Guru.  This is not something I heard from rumours, but something I personally witnessed.  Therefore all of you should practise Guru Yoga diligently and increase your faith.  To what degree should you practice to attain accomplishment?  When would you be liberated from birth and death?  Just like this accomplished layman who passed away, when the Guru appears before you at all times, you would have obtained the complete blessings of Guru, this then is accomplishment.  Just as Lama Rinpoche had wrote in the ‘Guru Yoga that confers swift realisation’: “If one has pure view and devotion, every phenomenon is never anything but the Guru, all depends on oneself.”

If you have not done so, then you should diligently practice Guru Yoga.  The reason for not having received perfect blessings from the practice is due to a lack of diligent practice.  The second reason is that you have not prayed well to the Guru with faith.  Therefore, when you practice Guru Yoga, it is very important to supplicate the Guru for blessings with faith.  If there is faith, during the day and night, Guru will manifest.  If it is merely reciting the mantra and text (perfunctorily), there will be no blessings or accomplishment.

The most important point about practice is use your mind.  Look at your mind well.  Ask yourself: Is my mind like that of a dharma practitioner?  Is there truly faith in my mind?  Is there meditation in my mind?  Is there true practice of Guru Yoga in my mind?

In short, pray to the Guru deeply all the time!  Observe your own mind.  This way of practice is very good, isn’t it?

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