Blessings of Avalokiteshvara

Yesterday was the Lhabab Duchen (click this for a brief explanation of this auspicious day, the picture displayed on this website is also quite moving to me)

There were some auspicious signs in Vietnam during a major puja.

The Picture of the sun turn into the shape of Avalokitisvara! Someone has captured it in mobile phone when His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa , His Eminence & Drukpa Sangha were performing Mahakala, Tara & Medicine Buddha Pratices yesterday on the Auspicious day of the Descending day of the Lord Buddha in Vietnam.

The devotees were shocked when they saw the sun turn in to the shape of Avalokitisvara yestereday in Vietnam









Upon asking His Holiness about the Buddha appearing in the sky, His Holiness taught us that every time we evoke Buddhas, Gurus and Boddhisattva they are compelled to come to due their Boddhichitta Vow. But due to our lack devotion we are not able to receive much blessings nor see them. Since in Vietnam The devotion to Buddha Dharma is quite strong and also in large numbers we are able see it.  Sadly Holiness said that in 10 years or so, such miracles will entirely disappear from the world as devotion will almost disappear from our Hearts ~ Gyalwa Dokhampa

The below image in the sky appeared at Tu Quang Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh City. On Nov 17/2011

(As usual, if you can’t believe these photos, please don’t slander. )