Refuge in Bodhichitta

Today is Tara day.  Released some captive fishes from the market into a lake.  Feel happy, inspired and grateful… the act of releasing lives is immeasurable in its virtues.  If you are feeling depression, try releasing lives… I have often thought that the most healing force on earth is true love.  Love that is unstained by attachment, that is, bodhichitta.  Because the Buddhas possess Bodhichitta, we know we can trust in them totally, that there is no partiality, no judgement of our flaws or sins, that there is just open love and wisdom.  In this vein, i share with you what Lama Zopa said in an uneditted transcript …


As there are numberless sentient beings, suffering sentient beings, Buddha’s compassion never gives up even for one second. Never gives up us sentient beings no matter how much we create unrighteous or negative actions. No matter how much we become vicious or evil, doing everything completely opposite to what pleases them, only doing harm to ourselves or others, Buddha’s compassion never gives us up even for one second. Buddha has trained the holy mind, completed the holy mind-training in compassion towards us all, each and every single sentient being.

The main reason Buddha guides us sentient beings, why Buddha guides other sentient beings and oneself, the basic reason is that compassion. That’s the main reason. No matter what other qualities there are—perfect power to reveal various means, perfect wisdom, highest omniscient mind—whatever other qualities there are, if there is no compassion then there can be a problem. No matter how many other qualities there are, if there is no compassion embracing all us sentient beings, if this is not there, there can be problems. Even if you pray, even if you pray you may not receive guidance.
No matter how much you rely upon, it’s possible you may not be guided. Like, for example, in the world, a person may have a lot of education, much education and knowledge but the heart is dry. There is no loving kindness or compassion. So even the person has so much power and knowledge, if you ask that person to help it is not necessary that person will help you.

There is always discrimination since there is no compassion to us all living beings. First of all, there is no compassion; secondly, even if there is compassion, there is no compassion towards all sentient beings. There’s always discrimination, always mind taking sides, bias. So therefore even if one relies upon those beings it is difficult to trust or to receive help, because in their attitude there’s no compassion; even there’s compassion but no compassion towards all living beings without any discrimination. Or there’s compassion only to those people who help that person, who like that person. But that person doesn’t have compassion to another person who criticizes, who hates, to those other sentient beings; no compassion to the enemy, no compassion to strangers, who are neither friend nor enemy; only compassion towards good friends, people who love him or help him.
So no matter how intelligent that person is, has incredible knowledge or power, whatever influencethat person has, there’s always problems. There are always difficulties. There is the danger that person only helps certain people but not all. The basic reason why Buddha is guiding us sentient beings with the omniscient mind, full understanding and all the perfect power that Buddha has achieved, with all these infinite qualities of Buddha’s holy body, holy speech and holy mind, that guide us all sentient beings from happiness to happiness to enlightenment; not only us human beings, even animals and other different types of sentient beings—the main reason we can trust to Buddha, the main reason, the main object of refuge is the compassion, having developed, having finished mind-training on compassion towards us all sentient beings. That, I think, is the main one. I think that is the main reason we and all sentient beings can receive guidance, are able to receive guidance from Buddha, the very basic reason why one can trust to Buddha to not be cheated, to not be misguided.

I hope this is good food for thought for all of us…