Long term practice — Happier as we age

I have been telling my friends… in the path of practice, we accomplish alot by doing a little everyday.  Although it seems that our daily practice of 1 hour or so is so insignificant, but always look at the bigger picture.  In time to come, we accomplish alot.  For eg. if you are doing 108 Mani mantras every single day without skipping at all, then in 10 years, you would have accomplished more than 300,000 mani mantras.  Which is not bad!  And that takes maybe a minute or two a day if you do it fast?

What more for those who put in more effort daily.  So don’t discourage yourself or underestimate what our daily practice can do.  Bit by bit we are building up a spiritual support that will go beyond all changes in outer circumstances.  No matter what happens outside, due to our strong practice, we will never be totally crushed.  There is always a part of us that is more resilent, filled with positive energy and able to deal with whatever happens… this is all due to the small practice we have everyday that builds up our inner strength over time.

Everytime we think that nothing is really happening with our practice, our chanting, our mantras, our meditation… think again!  What is happening may be so gradual that you can’t detect it yet but it will definitely bear its fruit in time to come.  Of course, this is not saying that we can just do our prayers like a robot. We have to bring to it as much genuineness and faith as possible.  Spiritual practice shows its results in years and decades.  It is something very very significant and being so significant, it has to take time to develop and take root.  Never believe in shortcuts, fast results, cheap thrills and what not… all these things are just byproducts of greed. Which never ever leads anywhere.

In tibet, many practitioners do mantras daily and at the end of their lives, they have accomplished a staggering amount of mantras which represents a very rich stock of potentiality for awakening and for positive conditions in their lives.  Now i’d say that is a very good result, won’t you. Compared to wasting your whole life and ending up on the death bed with nothing much to show for and much regret, untied ends etc.  Such practitioners get happier and happier when they approach death. They are happy with what they have done. They may even be confident to face death and they may be sure of going to the purelands… And i say this is the way we should be getting too… happier and happier as we age, because we are always developing virtue and going to a better stage… unlike other people who may get more and more sad, depressed, lonely, paranoid as they grow older…

Stick with your practice, you’d NEVER regret it in the final end.  Do whatever short or long retreats you can. Accumulate prayers/ mantras. Meditate on emptiness… everything counts. Nothing will ever be lost and gone once you have dedicated the merit. One day the fruit wld be so evident. And we are always admiring those great practitioners or realised beings, but please note that they also have to consistently, diligently plant the causes for that until the day it ripened.  Between their path and yours, does not exist the slightest difference.