I would like to share with you the great benefits of Vajrasattva practice, just off the cuff.

According to the great masters, the main reason for us not being able to attain realisation or signs or siddhis from our practice is the presence of obscurations.  Many masters have said that it is very very important for us beginners to start by doing a lot of purification.  Of course, many people do not regard themselves as beginners, but even someone like His Holinesses Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Dudjom Rinpoche also emphasized the Vajrasattva practice for their own daily practice.  So i think we can try to follow their example.

Vajrasattva is the quintessence of all deities.  Reciting his long mantra 21 times everyday will stop negative karma from increasing in effect everyday.  The alternative is to recite OM BENZA SATO HUNG 27 times, which serves the same purpose. Because many of us have taken tantric initiations and there is bound to be many broken samayas, then this purification is very much needed.

The notion of obscuration is very subtle in Buddhism.  So for those who think that they are quite free of obscurations, please check the following:

1. Do you feel it difficult to discipline yourself to do practice everyday?
2. Do you feel it difficult to understand the teachings?
3. Do you feel tired, distracted, uninterested when it comes to receiving teachings, going for pilgrimages, doing practice and all the other virtuous things but yet feel great interest and energy in doing unrelated things?
4. Do you find it hard to feel compassion / patience for others, especially that idiot who made alot of noise when you needed to sleep or meditate etc.
5. Do you find it hard to have faith in the gurus, teachings, virtuous deeds?
6. Do you find yourself having difficulty staying awake during meditation, being very distracted and so forth?
7.  Do you find yourself having certain addictions or compulsive behaviours?

If any of the answer is yes, you have obscurations, and not just a little.

Please do Vajrasattva practice, like OM BENZA SATO HUNG.  I will start to do 100,000 mantras and dedicate it to all sentient beings from today onwards. I hope many people will also try to do so.

(note:  i have completed my mantra count quite a while back… just to update! Rejoice in those who are accumulating too…)

25 thoughts on “OM BENZA SATO HUNG

  1. I took my Vajrasattva empowerment with His Holliness in Nottingham in 2008.

    About a year ago I was at a wedding and forgot untill rather late to recite the mantra…21 a day.

    I did recite the short mantra 21 times…does that mean because I didn’t recite the full manta I broke that vow? And no longer have that empowerment?

    Derek Bowhay

  2. Thank you for your prompt reply to my first enquiry.

    I didn’t realise that I had to recite the Hundred Syllable Mantra a hundred thousand times as quickly as possible after the empowerment. Either a three month retreat or three years maximum at home.

    Either my Karma is very heavy, or I am a late starter.

    As I have now decided to start, I have one question.

    If I decide to do more than one session a day, do I have to apply the Four Opponent Forces at each session?

    Derek Bowhay

    • yes, you do have to apply the four opponent forces in your sessions. Mainly regret, reciting the mantra, visualising the nectar cleansing you and then resolving not to do the negative acts again.

      That said, if your mind slips off and so on, which does happen, just go on reciting. The mantra has very great power to cleanse bad karma and just doing it with sincerity and faith is very good.

  3. I was just wondering if you are out there? I found your website tonight and am delighted. Such wonderful work! Let me know if we can communicate,

    Best wishes,


  4. I am chanting Ohm Benza Satto Hung at least twice a day, 108 times each chant. Does that mean I am effectively chanting it at least 8 times a day?

    I intend to keep going for 90 days. At least.

    • Yes, it means that you are effectively chanting it more than 27 times daily which is the minimum number prescribed for stopping negative karma that day from increasing in magnitude. It is also very important to concentrate during the chanting, examine and recall one’s own faults / negative deeds, feel a deep sense of regret after pondering over the consequences of these misdeeds and also resolve never to repeat it again. Then the chanting is very effective.

  5. Hi,
    How do we start to recite 100 Syllable Mantra long and short version? Just start chanting by …om beza sato hung!….. or how? And what is mean by …’ Four Opponent Forces at each session?’ How are the empowerment that you all say? I m just interest in this and a beginner, so pls guide me, thanks in advance.

    • Hi Kevin, yes you can just chant OM BENZA SATO HUNG directly. But it’d be good to start with reciting refuge prayers and giving rise to an altruistic motivation, then recite the mantra and then recite a concluding dedication prayer.
      The four opponent forces are include relying on Vajrasattva Buddha, reciting his mantra as an antidote, a strong sense of regret confessing your negative deeds to him and a strong determination not to commit these negativities again.
      If you could email me soon at vajrasattvadawn dot gmail dot com then maybe we can discuss any other questions you have.

    • Hi Kelvin, you can try this site:

      (Please note that i am sometimes away for a long period of time like months at a time and may not reply promptly to messages. Do be patient with me. Thank you.)

  6. Hi, I would like to ask the difference between “om benza sato hung” and “om vajrasattva hum”… I am quite confused when searching on different websites as some of them said chanting this and some said chanting the other one…

    Many thanks 🙂


    • Dear michael, OM BENZA SATO HUNG n OM VAJRASATTVA HUM is the same. The latter is based on the sanskrit pronunciation, while the former is adopted by the tibetans.i personally use the first one. And it works great! You can choose either. Remember it is your faith n decisiveness in your practice that makes a great effect, being very filked with doubt will undermine the power of your prac. So if ur mind is firm but chanting wrong mantra, it wll b much more powerful than having the right mantra but constantly wondering if u r chanting the right mantra or not.

    • Om benza sato hung is a mispronunciation of the Sanskrit Om Vajrasattva Hum. It seems pretty odd to continue to mispronounce something once you know that you are doing it.

      • Hi
        I have strong faith to go amitabha pure land . I recite namo ah mi Tofo in Chinese.
        I understand from writing saying reciting om benza Sato hum will fulfill our wish to go any pure land. What is the difference if we just concentrate to recite amitabha mantra alone instead combination of both. Please enlighten me.

  7. I recite the Vajra 100 syll . I just started to recite OM BENZA SATO HUNG as well. Already had a oral transmission by a Rinpoche. Very effective to purify bad karma

  8. I am glad to have found your blog. I was asking myself why I can not attain siddhi and it seems difficult to do and while searching the net about siddhi, I am not sure how got here, lol. It looks like it is meant to be to find this blog.

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