Hermits on the path

Amongst White Clouds. What a beautiful title to a really inspiring documentary. 

You can find this documentary free for viewing in its entirety at http://documentaryheaven.com/amongst-white-clouds/ about Chinese Hermits on Zhongnan Shan.  It is packed full of very good teachings, i quote a few (pardon my paraphrasing, note: i’m relying on the Chinese language more than the subtitles)  :

if you could see through this world and let go, that is wisdom,
if you could see through this world and can’t let go, that is just mouth-zen

 once you cultivate your practice, you just give yourself to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, you don’t have to worry so much, recite the Buddha’s name honestly, practice with a peace of mind

just talking about it is no good… without discipline, meditation and wisdom, just thinking blindly that you can be liberated from birth and death is just a lie

i feel a deep sense of renunciation when i watch this film. because these hermits embody what they say, everything they say comes across with such clarity and impact.  Real practice takes alot of giving up.  As the female hermit says, without hardship, giving up, how can one gain accomplishments, when we look at the past masters, it has always been like that.

I know that in some tradition, it says, you dun have to give up externally, just make sure you really give upin your mind.  Well, it happens the tradition i’m practising in say this.   All i can say is, make sure you are not just deluding yourself.